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Park Avenue has a wide range of fabrics and garments for use in cleanrooms for the medical and medical device industry. The fabric choices and garment designs can be tailored for a wide variety of applications and Clean Room operations.

Here at Park Avenue we can supply garments for grade A to grade D Clean Rooms for use in the dispensing of medicines in the Pharmacy or Oncology to the packing of surgical kits in the medical device industry. Our garments and fabrics will be tailored to your needs whether it is a full barrier protection fabric in the chemotherapy drug preparation and administration or a durable and breathable garment for comfort for R&D or pharmacy work.

All processes used by Park Avenue Clean Room Services are validated to strict protocols. The garments processed in the Clean room Laundry meet category 1 of IEST –RP-CC003, the highest standard available.

We can tailor the laundering process to suit your needs whether you require a low bioburden wash or a high standard wash for ultra clean garments that require sterilisation. We have validated all our wash procedures to show no chemical residues and no cross contamination.

Park Avenue also offers you the flexibility to choose the garment type and fabric that suits your Clean Room application best. We can rent you suitable garments, launder your own garments or provide a combination of the two that suits your business. We will clean any suitable garments, regardless of where they are sourced.