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The Clean Room laundry at Park Avenue is certified to a grade B (ISO 4) as per The code of GMP 2009 and meets the ISO 14644 standards for cleanroom operation.

  • The Clean Room facility is quality accredited ISO 9001-2008.
  • Water Quality used in the laundering process in the cleanroom is equivalent to BP quality and is continuously monitored for quality.
  • The Clean Room is compliant to the code of cGMP for Medicinal products Aug 2009
  • The Clean Room facility meets the operational requirements of AS/NZS ISO 14644.5:2006
  • The garments processed in the Clean Room facility meet the requirements of IEST RP-CC003 Category I.
  • The Clean Room facility is open to independent audits from customers.
  • All processes are validated and certified by TGA and/or NATA accredited laboratories.
  • The non-sterile garments processed at Park Avenue have low bio burden and are free from chemical residues.
  • Park Avenue also offers you the flexibility to choose the garment type and fabric that suits your Clean Room application best. We can rent you suitable garments, launder your own garments or provide a combination of the two that suits your business. We will clean any suitable garments, regardless of where they are sourced.