Management & Service

Management & Service

Barcode Technology

The bar code technology used at Park Avenue was developed with you, the customer, in mind. By labelling every garment with a unique barcode we are able to scan a garment in to the mainframe computer every time it comes into the plant thus allowing a complete history of use to be built up on the garment. Here at Park Avenue we are able to track garments right down to a single employee.

The benefit of the barcode technology is to maximise garment use, minimise inventory and ensure that you the customer get the best service at the lowest cost.

History of Garments

Every garment we maintain (either rented from us or supplied by you) has a complete history record in our mainframe computer. Each time that garment is processed, its serial number is scanned into the computer and its record is updated. A garment report can be generated on request so that you can review your needs at anytime.

Tracking of Garments

Our garment tracking system, developed and perfected over years in our industrial laundry, means we can provide you with tight inventory control - saving you loss, wastage and time.

By matching garments with wearers, we are able to treat each of your employees as a special customer. When that employee leaves the company, we stop his or her supply and reduce your weekly rental.

And we list every employee we are supplying on every invoice.