Why use Park Avenue

Why use Park Avenue

Park Avenue Pty Ltd is not just a laundry service; we will become a dependable business partner that will give you innovative and cost effective solutions to the management of your uniforms/garments.

Here at Park Avenue we concentrate on getting the small things right time after time so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Park Avenue can offer both Industrial Laundry and Cleanroom laundry services from the one site. We will work with you through the garment type, fabric choices, processing and logistics to develop the service that you need. At Park Avenue we can rent you suitable garments, launder your own garments or provide a combination of the two that suits your business.

The work wear and or Clean Room garments offered by Park Avenue are of the highest quality and are made for comfort, safety and reliability in the toughest and most demanding work places. Park Avenue offers a wide range of work wear products for any application.

Park Avenue has its own delivery team in new, reliable vans. Our drivers don't just deliver; they service our customers and are known for their reliability, punctuality and courtesy. We are also able to respond very rapidly to non-routine issues. Park Avenue has had the best service levels for over 55 years and is still the best in the market today.  Come and try our service, you will be surprised by the difference.