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At Park Avenue we have the unique ability to offer a complete service to the Pharmaceutical Industry for both industrial and Clean Room needs from the one site.

With our working knowledge of the Australian code of GMP 2002 we will ensure your garments' quality.

 Our workwear tracking system, developed and perfected over the years in our industrial laundry, means we can provide you with tight inventory control –saving you loss, wastage and time. More importantly as we match every garment to an employee, and every garment is serial tracked through our system, so we can greatly reduce the risk of cross contamination.

Park Avenue also offers you the flexibility to choose the garments type and fabric that suits your business best. We can rent you suitable garments, launder your own garments or provide a combination of the two that suits your business.  We will clean any suitable garments, regardless of where they are sourced.

The high technology and standards required to work in today’s pharmaceutical industry have to be matched by the products and service providers to the industry. With access to the best in garment technology from the best suppliers we can offer a range of workwear that offer the best in barrier protection to maintain the integrity of your product.

We offer a full workwear rental service supplying garments from professional uniforms for the laboratory or factory to static dissipative lint free garments for sensitive/critical environments.

The laundry service offered by Park Avenue to the pharmaceutical industry complies with Australian Standard 4146:2000 for thermal and chemical disinfection. Your workwear will be laundered without the risk of cross contamination.

We deliver daily to the Melbourne Metro area and across Australia.