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Wiper Clothes

Park Avenue’s reusable Wiper Cloths are renowned across Melbourne and do more than clean up a mess, they improve general cleanliness around the factory and machines as rags are not left lying around on the floor or by machines.

The reusable Wiper Cloths are environmentally friendly as they reduce the landfill caused by the use of rags that are more often than not used only once. Park Avenue’s reusable Wipers Cloths are softer more absorbent than rags, have sewn edges so they won’t fray.

The Wiper Cloths are also available in lint free antistatic material that won’t interfere with sensitive machinery.

Park Avenue can also provide Wiper Cloths that can be used in kitchen and food preparation areas.
Reusable wiper cloths are cleaned weekly in our industrial laundry and delivered directly to you anywhere in the Melbourne Metro area. Contact us about your requirements and help save the environment.