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Roller Towels

Park Avenue Industrial Laundry has been servicing the Melbourne Metro area with continuous Roller Towels for over 50 years.

Park Avenue’s continuous roller towel service is the hygienic, fast, silent and tidy solution for your restrooms. With continuous roller towels employees take half the time to dry their hands more effectively and efficiently than using hot air driers. It was found that 60% of people that used hot air driers to dry their hands walked out with wet hands and ended up drying their hands on their clothing.

Our economical weekly continuous roller towel rental means you have no capital outlay. Our serviceman will pick up and deliver a freshly laundered continuous roller towel anywhere  in the Melbourne Metro area on a regular basis. It's fuss free!

Continuous Roller Towel Cabinets

Continuous roller towel cabinets are moulded from Lexan, a tough, durable, impact resistant polycarbonate resin.  

The cabinets provide the following benefits:
  • Clean and soiled towel are completely separated for hygienic integrity.
  • Universal mounting holes.
  • Dust separator.
Polycarbonate surface allows graffiti and burns to be removed easily with household cleaners.